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Delve into The Deep at Chester Cathedral

Words and photos: Tori Erskine 

A visit to Chester Cathedral is always worthwhile, whether it’s a trip to watch the Mystery Plays, or just a place to grab a moment of peace and quiet and take in the beautiful surroundings.

This summer, the Cathedral hosts The Deep, a collection of structures hand built using Lego bricks. If the name hasn’t yet already given it away, it features a variety of sea creatures.

Lego Masters

On the opening night of the exhibition, the 2017 winner of Channel 4’s Lego Masters Steve Guinness was there to say a few words about how Lego has helped his creativity and a bit about his time on the TV show. His passion for Lego accompanied the exhibition perfectly as you could see how much time and effort had gone into the sculptures.

Each sea creature had such intricate detail and it was fascinating to think that they had been made by hand by individual Lego bricks! Pictures don’t do it justice,you really need to experience the exhibition for yourself!

I really loved the Baby Turtles and the Giant Squid! All the colours used were phenomenal and again, left it hard to believe that these were Lego creations.

Lego cathedral

Whilst at the cathedral you can also see the incredible Lego building of the cathedral itself. For every £1 donated a brick gets added to the structure.

Also on display at The Deep is the work of artist Jacha Potgieter. He created the pieces with rubbish he had found within just three days of visiting the beach. The environment and plastic usage is such a hot topic at the moment, and his works definitely represent a powerful message of the devastating effects of pollution.

You can see The Deep at Chester Cathedral this summer, find out more about the Lego Creations and other workshops and talks on the Cathedral website:

In the meantime, I’m off to find some Lego to build…

The Deep runs until 7 September 2019. 

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  1. Some lovely exhibition pieces unfortunately never got to see the exhibition, I love the Mako Shark. I took afew images yesterday and was really impressed with the tower tour i’m going to do a full blog at some point but put a few images here for now.

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