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Chester City Passion diary: Behind the scenes at rehearsals

By Angela Ferguson

Things are hotting up on the Chester City Passion rehearsals front as we edge closer to performance day.

I’ve been to chorus rehearsals in Chester this morning. It says something when so many of us are happy to forego a Saturday morning lie in for the joy of collective singing at this ace community event.

Coffee break time

As ever, it’s so uplifting to sing with a group of likeminded folk. And it’s nice to know that we are taking part in a little slice of Chester’s history, brought to life on the streets of the city on Friday 15 April.

It also helps that we are being led by the über-talented Matt Baker.

Musicians Dani, Matt and Michal at Chester City Passion rehearsals

This morning we got to hear our talented musicians playing flute, cello, keyboard and Syrian drum.

And we’ve been rehearsing the beautiful and haunting music composed by Matt. We’ve even recorded some music to give us some extra oomph when we hit the crowded streets of Chester.

It’s all starting to feel very real. Let’s not dwell too much on the fact that the last time this happened there were crowds of around 5000 in Chester. 😬

I’m back tomorrow (Sunday) for acting rehearsals, as I’ve got a small speaking part as a damsel. Yes, really.

I do love the surreal nature of community theatre. We have such a laugh and it’s a welcome escape from some of the doom and gloom of everyday life.

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Script and music at the ready en route to rehearsals this morning
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