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Angela Ferguson – Founder & Editor 










Hi there! I’m Angela Ferguson and I’m the founder and editor of We Are Chester. I’m an adopted daughter of the city, having been born and brought up in North Wales and still having strong links there. I’m proud to live in Chester and to raise my three children here. I’m passionate about highlighting all the good stuff going on in and around the city – and there is certainly plenty of it. I’m also keen to feature the often unsung work of those dedicated people involved in Chester life, whether this is done publicly or behind the scenes. When not working for We Are Chester, I also squeeze in being a freelance journalist, contributing to the Northern Soul arts and cultural webzine, as well as lecturing in journalism and media and co-hosting the monthly We Are Chester Show on Flipside Radio, alongside my fellow We Are Chester contributor, Tori Erskine.


James Wright – Deputy Editor











Hello there, nice to meet you.
My name is James and I’m what you may call a Nerd. I like comic books, video games, writing, movies, wrestling, Pokémon, music, and drawing. My heroes include Deadpool, Scott Pilgrim, Sonic the Hedgehog and Moon Knight. I drink beer, I love tequila, I live for tea, and cocktails – sometimes in that order. Yes, I do believe I live in a fictional world at times, but you’re welcome to join me whenever you like.
Writing has been a development for me in terms of content and context, as it so often is of course. My first published piece was a children’s story entitled Hodgeheg the Hedgehog Who Was Afraid of the Dark and since then I’ve focused a lot of my writing into scripts for my weekly radio show on Calon FM. I enjoy the necessity of stories, whether they be fictional or just the narrative of a conversation, hence why my style is structured in such a way. At times, I come across as being informal, but my language is genuine and represents the way I feel about the subject at hand.
I own a massive collection of books, including both Charles Bronson autobiographies, the entire Scott Pilgrim series, three books by Robert Llywelyn, three books by Irvine Welsh including Trainspotting, and much more besides.
I like to review everything from movies, TV programmes, beers, concerts, games, places, phones, teas and all manner of things besides.
You can follow me on Twitter if you fancy @Jamesybear1989 and @_WtNH and on Facebook (search: James Wright).

Paul Clark – Music Editor & Designer









Paul Clark is a writer, journalist, lecturer and musician. He has a great passion for arts and culture, performing on a regular basis with the Manchester-based We4Poets group and enjoying getting to as many gigs and plays as he can squeeze into his busy life. He also enjoys songwriting and playing a range of instruments. His latest project is mastering the ukelele.



Meg Chester







My name is Megan and I am a Chester girl through and through – from birthplace, to hometown, right down to my surname! I love to write, and got on board with We Are Chester after meeting Angela at a Storyhouse event.

I have my own literature blog, on which I try to capture glimpses of life in light of some of my favourite things – stories, words and punctuation. Yes, I’m afraid I am one of those grammar geeks.

I’m currently on my second gap year…sort of! The first I spent teaching in India on BMS World Mission’s Action Team programme. The second has been one big mixture of everything from working on a rock’n’roll panto, to website content population, and all sorts in between. In October, I’m going to university to study English.

I am very excited about seeing and celebrating life and literature in a city that is very close to my heart.

Paul Crofts


Hi I’m Paul. Born and bred in Chester, I’ve been involved in theatre in our wonderful city in various ways for many years, from being a supporter of the Gateway Theatre to being involved with props, press releases and PR for Tip Top Productions and Chester Little Theatre. I am passionate about culture in the city and was invited by Angela to join the We Are Chester Team after writing a review of Blood Brothers at Storyhouse.

Music also plays a huge part in my life, I am a semi-pro organist and keyboard player and once even got to play the famous Wurlitzer theatre organ in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom! In real life, I work for a law firm in Chester.

Tori Erskine 











My name is Tori, an English with Theology and Religious Studies graduate from the University of Chester. I got involved with We Are Chester through Flipside Radio where I host my own weekly show on a Thursday. In my spare time I write my blog ‘What’s the sTori’ and try very hard not to spend all my money on going to gigs.

Sophie Francis 








My name is Sophie and I began writing for We Are Chester when Angela approached me about writing a review for Rent at Theatr Clwyd. I usually like to write features, ones that I can add colour to and really add to the feel of the subject. However, after writing the review for Rent, I found that I quite enjoyed writing reviews.
In my spare time I play guitar and I sing. I am also a keen runner and I’m about to take part in my fifth Race for Life5k. I also like experimenting with different recipes, especially smoothies. I’m a massive fan of The Stereophonics. Who knows, perhaps I’ll get to interview the gorgeous Kelly Jones one day.

More of Sophie’s writing can be found at










Nala is a small non-binary person originally from London, now bimbling through Chester.

Nala likes to pretend that they are a singer, musician, poet, songwriter and storyteller. Occasionally Nala attempts what nobody considers to be art.

Views expressed are possibly Nala’s own but are most probably an accumulation of others’ thoughts/opinions.

Dai Owens

I’m Dai, an illustrator. I’ve done various kinds over time such as cartoons, comic strip, children’s books, information panels – anywhere that needed a drawing.

These days I concentrate on cartoons and reportage drawing. The latter is the love of my life, involving drawing standing up at an event or place, sketching quickly to try to catch some of the feel of what’s happening such as a gig, conference or demo. An example of this is that I was allowed to record the last Mystery Plays from audition through to backstage at the Cathedral.

I like art, drama and film, dancing (trance), reggae, rock, punk, countryside and the spiritual side of life. I’m an active member of the peace movement and like to laugh.

Josie Penfold









Hello, I’m Josie and have just graduated in English Literature from the University of Leeds. I love all things writing and editing, and whilst at Leeds I invested myself heavily into as many creative areas as possible, and even had the opportunity to be editor-in-chief of a university magazine, Her Campus Leeds, for a year.

I am originally from Chester, so on returning after uni, the chance to write for We Are Chester was exactly what I was after; doing what I love and writing about a place I love. I’m an avid traveler, big foodie and a bit of a gym-junkie so you’ll find most of my writing covers those areas. I’m excited to get involved and promote our great little town.

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