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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! – Sort of.

We Are Chester writer and fellow We Are Chester radio show co-host Tori is celebrating the first birthday of her very own blog – It’s well worth a follow! Thank you Tori for your very kind words – reblogged here – about We Are Chester and good luck with your blog and your writing and radio presenting. We’re very lucky to have a growing number of wonderful contributors at We Are Chester, so huge thanks to Tori and all of Team We Are Chester. We could not do it without you. And huge thanks also to you – our readers, viewers and listeners – for taking an interest in our coverage of all things cultural in and around Chester. We certainly couldn’t do it without you guys. 🙂 Angela, Editor, We Are Chester.


This morning, I was very surprised when I found out from Timehop that it’s been a whole entire year since I started writing my little blog. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHAT’S THE STORI! 


When I first started my blog back in 2016 I never expected to be the next Zoella or Megan Ellaby, it was simply a place for me to have a creative outlet, something that I had been craving for two years since leaving university.

Writing is something that I’ve always loved, even if it’s just scribbling a list down or using those 140 characters on Twitter, heck I even enjoyed writing my dissertation! My blog was a way that I could incorporate my passion for writing back into my life and in general a way of extending that limited Twitter character count.

I’ve mentioned Flipside Radio quite a lot in my blogs, rewind back to last year…

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