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“Pokémon Go Fest” Hits Chester, as Thousands Fill the Streets

Where were you when Pokémon Go rolled into town? We Are Chester’s Deputy Editor James Wright gives us insight into this past weekend’s “Go Fest”

Image copyright and courtesy of Steve Casey Photography 2017

It’s a craze that started 21 years ago in Japan, and slowly but surely, took the world by storm.

A whole generation of kids (myself included) were tasked to “catch ’em all.”

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of money I have ploughed into the Pokémon franchise since my very first Nintendo Gameboy.

I’ve been a collector of cards, games, teddies – Hell, just the other month I bought some socks because they had Pokémon emblazoned on them.

I was, in no uncertain terms, obsessed.

So, when the Japanese critters were unleashed onto mobile devices everywhere, you could imagine my joy.

Once again, Pikachu and friends had caught my attention, and I set out to be the very best (like no one ever was) all over again.

I’ve not had the best of times with Pokémon Go if truth be told – one of my friends whom I met through university loves to Lord it over me how many he’s collected whilst on his jollies.

But, I’ve been a persistent player, never once contemplating deleting it off my phone even when storage was running low.

The craze last summer seemed to have died down for everyone else though, with numbers dropping from the daily users in the hundreds, if not thousands.

And then, it happened.

Big Heritage Pokémon Go.jpg

Image copyright and courtesy of @Big_Heritage 2017

Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd July 2017 will go down in gaming; mobile; mobile gaming; and Chester city history. The weekend of Pokémon Go Fest. 

An event that took place the world over, hundreds upon thousands returned to the game for the biggest collection of recorded people all glued to their phones since…well, probably last year when the game was released.

If you happened to be in Chester at any point during the weekend, then you’ll already know of the mass of humanity that entered the city.

If you were nowhere near the city centre, the images on this post will give you some idea.

The event has been heralded as a major success by players, with Twitter page Big Heritage (@Big_Heritage), Steve Casey (@SteveCaseyPhoto), and Pokémon GO – Chester (@ChesterPokeGo) all in attendance and celebrating the sheer number of visitors the event brought to Chester.

For players, the main attraction was the thrill of the chase, with many rare and powerful Pokémon available at a much higher rate than is normally possible in the game.

The event also signalled the 1st time that the Legendary Pokémon Articuno and Lugia were available, with the mysterious Psychic Pokémon Unown making an appearance this morning in and around Chester.

Articuno Unown Lugia Pokémon Go

From left to right; Articuno, Unown, Lugia. All copyright The Pokémon Company/Niantic 2017

Everyone seems to have had a great time at the event, and whilst it is still unknown how many visitors came to Chester purely for the event, it is certainly a nice way for them to see the sights and meet the people that make it a wonderful place to be.

If you were at the Chester Pokémon Go Fest event, why not message us with some of your catches, or any memories/friends you’ve made through the event? We would love to hear from you and know that you enjoyed your time around Chester.

Hopefully, there’ll be another one soon, and I’ll make sure to be in attendance next time.

On behalf of We Are Chester, a massive thank you goes to Steve Casey of Steve Casey Photography and the team at Big Heritage for the use of their images.


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