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Tommy Scott Solo Gig, Part 1 – Martyn Peters

Tommy Scott’s Alexander’s Live gig was incredible, and what helped make it so good was support act Martyn Peters. In aid of the Nichols Spinal Injury Foundation, the pair played an intimate acoustic night to some 80 people.

Image copyright Martyn Peters 2017

We Are Chester’s deputy editor James Wright brings us not one, but two pieces on the Tommy Scott gig from Alexander’s in Chester, 3rd August 2017. Here, James details the support act, North Wales singer-songwriter, Martyn Peters.

It’s not just theatre reviews your deputy editor gets up to friends, as I recently showed my support for one of my favourite musicians, Space frontman Tommy Scott, as well as help support the Nichols Spinal Injury Foundation (nsif), when I attended his live acoustic gig sans Space bandmates in Alexander’s in our fair city.

And, like any good gig, there is supposed to be a support act.

The little known (for now) singer/songwriter Martyn Peters had the honour of warming up a decent crowd in the heart of Chester’s Rufus Court.

Hailing from Denbigh over in North Wales, Peters has recently moved down to London to make a name for himself.

The young Peters (by way of his mum’s friend and neighbour/organiser of the event, Leonie Hallam) was able to rally the crowd – who, it must be said, were excellent to start off with – in support of a personal hero of mine, as well as for the worthy cause of the aforementioned nsif charity.

Playing a set list of original music taken from his debut album (available via Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, or direct) Peters showcased a talent and craftsmanship that would normally be found with an artist further into their career.

Event organizer Leonie Hallam put it best herself when she told me;

“when I first heard his album…I was literally blown away.”

Whilst I can’t talk for everyone in attendance, for me, Martyn should (and quite probably will) become a household name.

His debut album, Veins, features 10 original songs, all written by, performed by, and arranged by Peters himself (with the help of a backing band), and is more than worth the £10 price tag.

If you get the opportunity to do so, I urge you find out if and when he returns to the area to play some shows, or at the very least, do your ears a favour and listen to his album (preferably after purchasing it first).

You will not be disappointed.


More information on Martyn Peters can be found here, or via his Facebook and Twitter sites.

And for information on the Nichols Spinal Injury Foundation, you can visit their website.

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