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Chester’s Best Drinks, An Insider’s Guide

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We Are Chester’s own Josie Penfold is back, touring our fair city for some of the best of Chester’s watering holes. A perfect accompaniment to her previous post on Chester’s Best Eats. So, whether it’s been a rough week in work, or you’re going out with some colleagues from work, here are 6 of Chester’s Best Drinks. Take it away, Josie.

Insider’s Guide: Where to Drink in Chester

When it comes to drinking, I think it’s fair to say that we’re all a bit partial to wetting the whistle now and then, but it’s not just the drink that does the trick, it’s the whole experience of the place you choose to go to. It can be hard to judge whether a place is the right place for you just from the outside and once you’re in, you usually buy that awkward drink anyway because you feel you can’t leave empty handed! So if you find yourself in Chester wondering what place is the one to satisfy your needs, I, as a Chester girl, am here to help you! From the relaxing pubs to the hip and happening bars, Chester will certainly not disappoint.


The Old Harkers Arms


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One of the best things about our country is our pubs, and the guys at The Old Harkers Arms certainly haven’t let us down with this one! Situated on the canal, and only a short walk from the rail station for any out of towners, you can enjoy a cold beer in the sun (for the few days of summer we have left) or head inside for a very cosy pint. There is a range of beers to choose from, or if you fancy /drink or for a chilled catch up with a friend, Harkers is both sophisticated and casual.


Liquor and Co

liquor and co

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If it’s more of an atmosphere you’re after, Chester’s hidden diamond, Liquor and Co, is a must. Situated upstairs on Watergate Street and you fancy a cocktail or two head up the stairs on Watergate Street for a cool, cosy evening in this intimate setting. Head in with a group and grab a booth, or cuddle up close around a small table with your nearest and dearest. Alternatively, hang around the bar area and be the first served with a front row seat of the fab cocktail creations. This place arguably has some of Chester’s most tantalising beverages when it comes to the shaking and stirring of things. Open until 3 am, this place starts to get busy a bit later, so if you want to beat the rush head in early, but if you’re one for the social scene maybe head here after you’ve tried one of my other recommendations.


Ginger Wine Bar and Delicatessen

ginger chester

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This one’s a personal favourite and leads quite nicely on from my previous suggestion as its closes at 10.30pm on the weekend. The little quaint wine bar is perfect for a civilised bottle of wine over some nibbles with some great background music. The interior is very modern with exposed brick and wires (another reason why I love the place) and it really is such a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit and natter. The wine list is fantastic, but fear not you none wine drinkers, beer and spirits are available. I should also mention that this is a café in the day, so be sure to pop in for some tasty cakes – which are still available in the evening – and a cup of coffee to warm you up as we move into the colder months. In terms of drinks, I love Ginger because it is what it is. It’s different and it doesn’t try too hard to be anything except a place that serves great wine and promises a chilled, yet also a little bit classy, evening.


The Suburbs


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We’re heading to Hoole for the next stop at The Suburbs. It’s young and happening, serving all your favourite cocktails, spirits and wines. Oh and it serves steins – Germany’s answer to thirsty travellers – just in case a pint wasn’t big enough. Head here to start your evening of partying or hang about until close with excellent service and even better beverages. Hoole is quickly becoming the go-to place for a fab evening that’s a little edgier, shall we say, than the city centre. This certainly shouldn’t miss your Chester drinks to-do list!


Commonhall Street Social

commonhall street

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I stumbled across this place when one evening, my boyfriend and I fancied ‘one for the road’. Remember when I said Hoole is a bit ‘edgier’ than the city centre? Well, I wasn’t lying BUT this place does have a bit of unique, raw feel to it. It reminds me slightly of a warehouse inside, but in a good way! Everything is exposed and basic which I love! And, more importantly, the drinks are fantastic. They serve a range of European beers in schooners or steins in a really laid back atmosphere. You can head upstairs onto the wooden deck and sit on benches dotted with cushions keeping warm by the numerous heaters. This would be a perfect spot for a large group to catch up and have a laid back evening listening to some indie tunes with a schooner or two.


Telford’s Warehouse


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Last but not least, we have Telford’s Warehouse which is one for you music lovers as it is the home to many gigs in Chester from the big names to some smaller ones who are maybe just starting out. Again this place has a wide selection of European beers and has all that beautiful exposed brick and timber – I think you can guess my interior-design preferred taste…! The stage is on the one side for you to get up close and personal with the performer and dance your heart out, but you can also sit in the bar area which still hears the music but is a little more chilled if you need to have a breather after throwing too many shapes. Check the website for events and gigs to be sure not to miss your favourite band or artist!

The list of places to drink in Chester seems endless, but I’ve managed to narrow it down to just a few to give you a little taster of what you can expect and where you should be heading for a good night and even better drinks. Everyone’s ideal night is different, but try something new, you never know it might become your new ‘local’.

Do you have any favourite places to drink whilst out and about in Chester? Do let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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