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Review: BONKERS BINGO at Chester’s Mecca Bingo

Two very special We Are Chester guests attended a recent Bingo event with a twist. How do you make bingo interesting? you might be asking. Well, read on to find out more.

Images courtesy of Victoria Love

Something a little different this time around; We Are Chester‘s James Wright (or rather, his two wonderful assistants, Naomi Pashley and Victoria Love) had a wild night at Mecca Bingo in Chester for their BONKERS BINGO event. Sounds like a crazy way to spend an evening!


Image courtesy Victoria Love

For anybody who has never tackled the delicate art of playing bingo – do you play bingo, or do bingo? – the prospect must seem rather intriguing, and/or daunting. You’re packed into a hall with other people, who may or may not be your friends or the same age as you, and you engage in a bloodthirsty game of chance and risk.

Okay, maybe it’s not that extreme, but it sure does paint a lovely picture.

You may be sat there, wondering how (or maybe why) somebody would try and jazz up something like bingo, but the boys and girls down at Mecca bingo managed to do just that.

Owing to the fact that I have literally no idea on how to bingo – again, what do you do with bingo? – I volunteered my dear sister, Victoria Love to attend Mecca’s BONKERS BINGO event, as well as my partner, Naomi Pashley, to partake in the night’s festivities. Needless to say, I think they had fun.


Image courtesy Victoria Love

The whole event focuses on a mix of classic bingo gameplay, with modern calls and funky fresh rhymes…I think that’s what the kids are saying these days.

The bingo hall feels more akin to a party or nightclub in terms of atmosphere, with lights, music, and a feel-good energy taking over your body. And, whilst it was reasonably busy, the queues proved to be easy enough to pass through. Proof that the team on the door knew what to expect and how to handle the mass of humanity that was to descend upon them that night.

Inside the hall, there was a little something for everyone. If you fancied a tipple (or ten) there was plenty to wet your whistle with no fewer than four bars around the hall, with an abundance of drinks, shorts, and cocktails to keep you going. However, if you prefer table service, there was an abundance of male waiters providing shots…all whilst being completely starkers!

Bit of entertainment, for the guys and gals ready to mingle.

Plus, they served hot dogs! Winner winner, erm…[enter witty/humourous bingo call here].


Image courtesy Victoria Love

If you’re more interested in the actual bingo, however, there was plenty of that to enjoy. Obviously catering more for the attendees who either had no idea on how to play bingo or maybe to not bog down the drunken brains of those in attendance, the bingo caller took a more relaxed approach to calling numbers. In between every three calls, you’re encouraged to get up and shake your groove thang.

Clearly, if you’re thinking BONKERS BINGO was to be anything other than crazy, silly fun, you are in the wrong bingo hall!

Whilst bingo is usually lumbered with a more serious reputation, BONKERS BINGO really allows you to let your hair down and shake away the worries of the working week. Plus, if you actually do like to win at bingo, there’s plenty of prizes to be won.


A small sampling of the prizes on offer on the night. Image courtesy Victoria Love

However, as you may assume from everything we’ve already said, there was bound to be a catch to these prizes.

As the caller kept reminding us, “The prizes are naff!” – meaning anything from cardboard cut-outs and space-hoppers to the occasional cash prize to be won (£50, £100, or maybe even £200!), the focus of the night was clearly more to have fun than to win something.

And, if you needed anything done, the staff were all really helpful, as well as being nice and friendly. All of which helps you to have a more rounded night.

Unlike with regular bingo, BONKERS BINGO provided huge amounts of entertainment and enjoyment for guests of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages, with the ‘traditional’ bingo attendees (stereotypically, elderly ladies) rubbing shoulders with the young and beautiful alike. Men were encouraged to get up and join in as much as the women, and the whole atmosphere felt very inclusive.


Fancy a shot? Image courtesy Victoria Love

We Are Chester Final Thoughts: It may not be for everyone, but the event is so quirky that you’ll surely have a great time regardless of whether you win or lose. For bingo-aficionados and novices alike, there’s certainly a lot to keep you entertained. And as for the prizes, well, if you’re in it to win thousands of pounds, you’re playing for the wrong reasons. Just make sure you don’t get too distracted by the waiters that you forget there’s a game to play.


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