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A vision of post-lockdown Chester – from artist Dai Owen

Are you having good and bad days when it comes to adjusting to the new normal in this somewhat dystopian world we are now living in? Yep, so are we. You’re not alone.

And it looks like we might be in for a longer wait before the world – and our city – return to anything like normal. But take heart and hold on, Chester.

You’re doing brilliantly in playing your part in staying in and only going out for daily exercise or essential journeys. In doing so, you’re keeping everyone safe and ensuring our epic NHS staff and key workers can continue with their incredible and crucial work at this extraordinary moment in time.

Indeed, it’s been flipping brilliant to see the community coming together to support each other through these challenging times. You really are amazing.

So, with a view to providing some much-needed respite from the present pandemic, we took to Twitter to ask just what our artist Dai Owen’s next surrealist art project should be.

Post-lockdown revelry

Options included a vision of post-lockdown revelry, a wry look at our lockdown exercise regimes or a vision of potential new parades for the city.

And the winner by a long chalk was a pictorial look at what we might expect to see when our city comes back to life post-lockdown.

We love the creative twists incorporated in Dai’s drawings and this is no exception.

So grab a cuppa and enjoy future Chester, through Dai Owen’s crystal ball.

Artist Dai Owen, seen in action as official artist for the 2018 Chester Mystery Plays. Photo: Angela Ferguson

And, for now, let’s hold tight, continue to do what we can to look out for each other and look forward to a day when we can all return to regular jaunts into the city.

Whether you dream of returning to your favourite coffee shop for a cuppa and a slice of traybake or you long for a big night out with mates amidst Chester’s pubs and clubs, hold on to that thought. Here’s to a brighter future ahead for us all. In the meantime, stay safe.

For more of Dai Owen’s work, check out his websites:

What will be the first thing on your Chester wish list, once lockdown restrictions ease? Get in touch and let us know, either via commenting here, emailing or via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram channels.

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